Frequently Asked Questions

This chapter contains answers to questions regarding control settings. Setup instructions are located here.

Getting started.

Double click program icon in system tray -

Settings UI should appear

Press button "Add character".

Character name input dialog should appear.

It is rocommended to select character name from list to avoid mistype

Character appears in this list when you logins game while program is running.

If you entered character correclty, and already entered game with this character, when appropriate icon should appear right to the character name.

How to apply my rules?

After you you changed rules you should press "Apply" button - to load these rules.

How to setup GCP spam?

Open "Heal Options".

How to setup auto assist?

Open "Party Settings"

You are able to choose fixed MA. Enter his name into appropriate field:

Also you could setup hotkey to mark your current target as MA.

Do not format to check "Auto assist". And "Attack" if required.